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in the remaining quarters of this year. those are big numbers. let us enjoy it. america has had a hardship. we are now coming out of it. all right. if all this wasn't good enough news, pending home sales today came in surprisingly strong for the month of february. cnbc's diana olick will give us the full report. >> a big surprise on the pending home sales index which most thought would be flat in february thanks to bad weather, but it was up 8.2%. this is based on contracts signed, not closings. realtors are calling it a hint at a spring surge. the month to month rose 9% in the northeast, up nearly 22% in the midwest, up 9% in the south, but it fell nearly 5% in the west. so is it the start of the spring surge perhaps helped by the end of the home buyer tax credit? could be, but the concern is still about a new wave of foreclosures. in fact, today the administration's short sale program goes in to effect. the government will pay home enowner, lenders and eninvestors to get short sales done quickly. it's when a lender allows the troubled borrower to sell the home for less than the value of the
of writing a new contract with america, and amid new worries about iran's nuclear ambitions we willle ask the sunday group if tough sanctions can prevent the rogue nation from making the buy. all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington and happy easter. of thousands of the faithful gathered at the vatican for easter services despite a light rain and new allegations the catholic church covered up charges of sex abuse by the clergy. pope benedict made no mention of the scandal in his easter message but one cardinal praised him as a courageous leader and dismissed the allegations at "petty gossip." here on capitol hill the talk is about what is next in the wake of the long bat the over healthcare reform. joining us to discuss that are two senate leaders. and from philadelphia, democrat arlen specter. the unemployment numbers from march came out on friday and present a mixed picture i think it is fair to say. 162,000 jobs were created, the most in three years but unemployment stayed at 9.7%. senator kyl, will republicans support more economic stimulus such as m
] is this the end of race of america? we know it is not at the turn of the 21st century it was starting to look that way back in 2000. remember that? in 1997 the american association of physical anthropologist urge the american government to phase out the use of waste in the data category and the substitute ethnic categories instead. geneticist studying dna the material of genes that issues instructions to our bodies were also concluding that race as a biological category made no sense. the habit of three leading human heredity to the environment may be traced back but early 19th century racial thinkers turn it around deeming it a permanent marker four and eight superiority not until the 1850's on the environment care rescued with charles darwin changes species they describe a world much longer reaping that heredity was not fixed and generation after generation things change interest bonds to their surroundings. arguments over race in the human genome decided leaving us with some intriguing data about personal appearance. prevailing racial schemes now rest once again on concept of skin color. b
have a live update coming up on "good morning america." >>> a developing story from pakistan, a suspected suicide bomber targeted a political rally in the northwest part of the country. the blast killedearly two dozen people and wounded more than 100 more. >>> the latest suicide bombings in baghdad are raising concerns that terrorists are on a mission. porn 40 people were killed in the coordinated easter sunday attack. iraqi authorities say the death toll would have been higher but they managed to foil two other attacks by spping vehicles and defusing the explosive. s. >>> in china, totally miraculous scenes as more than 100 miners were pull out a mine shaft this more than. we were inadvertently dug into an abandoned mine. res xuers heard the men tapping underground. >>> well, pope benedict will spend the next few days resting in his retreat after the growing pedophile priest crisis nearly overshadow holy war. breaking with tradition, the dean of the college of cardinals addressed the pope directly, dismissing the criticism against him as, quote, petty gossip. but a victims'
9/11, the horror of what we witnessed, the means of terrorism and potential wmd strike in america that could collapse our economic system and drive down trust and confidence in the national institution and make the united states move with their objective, that in my judgment is all about war. >> okay. general mcmaster. >> i'd like to make a couple question points. prior to 9/11 we saw the security emerging from the most industrialized nations. when we saw that threat, we saw them mobilize. we could respond to that. i think now what bruce has mentioned, weapons of mass effect, the ability of terrorist organization to do something fundamentally different, terrorism is not a new phenomenon. what is new is the access to these disproductive weapons and also communications and the ability to take the agree -- grievances and connect them. i think it's for us to remember this is ill religious enemy who uses to motivate largely undereducated or illiterate young people to their cost. they exacerbate weakness and use weakness where there's lawlessness, and rule of law. for us to be effective
. cable's latest gift to america. >> this year studentcam competition asked middle and high school students to create a video dealing with one the country's greatest strength or the challenge. here's one of the third place winners. >> just from the time this video have been playing, two people have already died from hunger. although world hunger is very important issue, i'm going to focus about one country. a country where 49 million people are struggling with hunger. but only 26.5 million get aid for it. a country where the number of people struggling with hunger has increased by 13 million people over the past year. and the country where one out of every eight people are struggling with hunger. this is the country that we live in. >> there's no excuse for the staggering number of hungry americans. last year 49 million people were in danger of going hungry. more than 4 million children didn't get enough to eat. >> the number of people seeking emergency food assistance in new york city is up 20.9% over last year. >> help the grow growing number of people who don't have enough to ea
of -- piece of history. check it out. auction ends friday. good night, america america. >> how long do his advisors think it will take to help president obama's policies to help job seekers get back into the ball game? is president hamid karzai threatening to join the taliban and a major outbreak of violence rocks the baghdad region. this is "special report". >> good evening, this is a fox news alert. there has been an explosion in a mine in raleigh county, west va vachl a state official says there are six people dod daed and 21 unaccounted for. it happened at the upper big branch mine about 30 min miles south of charleston. the mine crews are headed to the scene. we'll monitor developments and have updates as warranted. president obama today took part in two very traditional activities, hosting annual white house easter egg roll and throwing out first pitch of the new baseball season. but there to is more on his mind than just fun and games. senior white house correspondent major jarret reports the president has his eye on the economic playing field. >> reporter: it's a strange met
race in america. i of familiar with the truly gigantic literature that explains the meaning and honest to god reality of the existence of race when it meets black. in comparison with this preoccupation the statutory and biological definitions of plate race remain notoriously vague. though the beings of what is not black. but this of vagueness does not indicate a lack of interest. but lack to the contrary vast historical literature match less known today explains the meaning importance and honest to god reality of the existence of white racist. it may seem odd to begin a book on americans and antiquity a point* long before europeans discovered the western hemisphere and thousands of years before the invention of concept of race but given the prevalence of the notion that it is permanent many believe it is possible to trace something recognizable back more than 2,000 years and not the westerners have tried to rationalize antiquity making an ancient history and to white race and classics into a little white field complete with pictures of blond ancient greeks. turning into a anglo-saxon a
. okay. maybe it makes sense to everybody else. hello america. um... i am going to ask you what the hell is going on in our country? what's happening? to our country? we can sell a chairman mao doll in disneyworld. yet, freedom of speech, i tell you, that, that, we can do whatever you want there but don't speak out against it. no. no. stop your fear mongering. i wish i had the pupper. america practically invented free speech. free speech? no. never go away. it was invented here. yeah. if you don't think that freedom of speech can go away, you don't know history about these people. you don't know our own history. wood row wilson, i hate this guy. right there. hate this guy. we didn't learn anything about him. for a reason, because progressives control the history books. this guy was an evil gichl he imprisoned thousands of americans for speaking out against the united states involvement in world war i skpismt deck stated the news coverage. he's -- he's a guy with walter lipman that all journalists studied because he knew how to take care of the news. his policies were not popular. not onl
, if we are to have ballistic missile defense coverage in asia and america would like to cover their asian allies, there is the question of china. both russia and the united states, not jointly but in bilateral format in parallel should start serious consultations with china on ballistic missile defense so that china does not become an obstacle to russian-american cooperation. we would have to persuade that ballistic missile defense is not against china. america has to be clear on some important issues. is china entitled for its own nuclear deterrent against united states, like russia? is china and titled to treatment -- entitled for treatment as a superpower? is china entitled to some information and consultations like the united states are doing with russia on ballistic missile defense in the far east? , providing information, talking about chinese concerns, trying to find solutions like it was between the united states and russia so that they are involved. that is important. my first recommendation to russian government would be to start being very practical and technical on ballistic m
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. "how to train your dragon" slipped to third place. coming up on "good morning america," where are all the jobs? we hear about a hot industry and help you can get hired. and that is your "money scope" report. i am vinita nair. >>> 6:20. we have 57 degrees. we have breaking news in florida. the space shuttle discovery is beginning its final countdown to lift off. >> let's listen live. >> 20 seconds. t-minus 15 seconds. we have a go. up and ready. 3, two, one. and liftoff of discovery. blazing a trail. >> it is rolling into a headstand position. and going on to the space station. the threengines are now throttling down to reduce stress on the shuttle. discovery is at altitude of 4.7 miles and traveling. >> go at throttle upper. >> roger, go at throttle up. >> performance that will cut capability. >> so far, so good for the space shuttle discovery. it has repair equipment and science experiments. back with more after this. >>> welcome back. we have some lifesaving information. breast feeding can lead to big savings in lives and in money. a study says nearly 900,000 babies and $13 billion
. caller: you asked a question, whether mr. karzai can be a credible partner for america. i think we need to reverse of that question. can america be a credible partner for karzai? because we call ourselves a nation who -- people of laws but then again we only want to apply the law to where it benefits us and anybody else that does not work. my understanding is, no. that whole part of the world over there, they know more about the correctness, to face, lined, have paucity -- to face this, lying, hypocrisy, of our own people. as long as we agree and the partners and nobody has anything else to say but america. host: hang on the line a quick second. i hear what you're saying. 20 give your reaction to a couple of things quoted by afghan president karzai here in "the wall street journal." he said obstructive intervention by foreigners in the election. he said at the paper thin curtain that separate assistance and occupation. if we don't stand for our sovereignty, it will take long before that assistance turns into occupation. and afghanistan is being used by western officials who want to inst
, and i want to welcome all of you to this discussion about something that is as important to america's future as anything we can imagine. this fiscal solutions tour is part of a dramatic change in the debate over the deficit and the national debt. we are now talking not only about what the problems are which are increasingly clear, but beginning to devise a road map for the future and the solutions. there's nothing, i think, that would have pleased saul stern more than to see this enormous crowd together to think about not only what it is that we have as we face problems, but also the kinds of solutions that we can imagine to be able to engage not only individual citizens, but with some of country's best experts and to establish the kind of dialogue that creates that link between those of us here in the university community and the broader policy world as well. we're in a situation now unlike any that we faced not only with a deficit that's rising, but also a new health care reform bill that's passed which leaves so many questions unanswered, a new deficit reduction panel that's been
reform. when i talk to farmers in middle america and tell them what this reform is about, they're excited about it. they are naturally scared and republicans have done a good job of scaring them, but if democrats would embrace this, they would convince the american people that this is a great thing. if they would embrace president obama as they should, these politicians have got to stop being afraid of their own shadow. they should go and be who they are, promote a democratic philosophy, be on the offense instead of the defense and we'll be fine this fall. >> thank you very much. good to see you. >>> michael steele speaking of someone who has a lot of depending to do. he's been defending his spending habits, but it's what the republican chairman is saying today about race. and i don't mean political race, that's drawing new attention. john harris up next with the latest. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. [ screaming ] hey. pbht! [ luke ] unless, of course, you've got at&t, the nation's fastest 3g network, which means you can surf the web and download videos in a sna
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. it's over $500,000 per family. median household income in america is about $50,000 a year. so that means that under our present imprudent status quo do-nothing path the typical american household has a second or third mortgage equaled to 10 times their household income but no house to back that mortgage. this is our fiscal future. under our do nothing path. the line represents revenues that's percentage of the economy. the bars represent spending. if the bars above the line, which it is in every time period, that's a deficit. the fastest growing cost is interest on the federal debt. within 12 years the single largest line item in the federal budget without an increase in interest rates will be interest on the federal debt. if interest on the federal debt increases by 200 basis points or 2%, then the only thing the federal government will be able to do in 25 years is pay interest on the federal debt. that's how bad the numbers are. it's a simple four-letter word called math. this is what our debt to gdp or debt as a percentage of the total economy has been in the past. and what
. i cannot imagine a brilliant investor survey impossibility of an america headed toward a debt gdp ratio of 100% and recommending spending as a reaction to that circumstance. i do not know. i am not certain that free trade, which appeals to so many of my conservative friends, is unambiguously a good idea. i'd rather think adam smith had it right when he said a with of protectionism is a good idea if in the interest of national security or retaliation which he thought was a nice virtue. he was less interested in expanding the division of labor's efficiently to the world then he was of increasing the wealth of nations which is a different thing. i think there is a lot of wisdom and the emphasis on the role of creative destruction but i am not certain how to treat the externalities' and social costs of that special form of creativity. i am not certain that monetar ism is the right one. i remember going to lunch with market thatcher -- margaret thatcher. she asked about money supply before anything else. i am not certain that we can ignore monetary measures. i am not sure that second-b
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lived it. "fortune" enter one of the 50 most powerful black executives in america. she is amazing and brilliant. she gives back. she established a scholarship at harvard and also at bishop high- school. she gave back to her high school. good for her. deborah is with citigroup. she just trying them in 2009 as a personal wealth management organizer. before that, she was a finance machine. she is a perfect person to be up here. she ran the schwab institution and was the executive vice president. for 17 years before that she was a big wig at bank of america. she was appointed by president george the the bush to the board of directors to the sec. she graduated from the university of montana. i am a journalist and we do our research. finally, dr. laura tyson from uc-berkeley. i have a particular affinity with laura. she is the only woman running a major business schools in this nation. she has distinguished herself in the public sector for years. choose the national economic adviser to president clinton, the highest ranking woman. she also graduated from smith college and has a ph.d. in
% of presidents and america are women -- in america are women. the average median age is 61. we are going to have a very significant turnover and there will be great opportunity for women. >> opportunities, yet we have to get back to the gender-wage issue. it is a gap that is yawning and we all know about that. and here is a question from a jersey. what is your opinion on the main causes of gender-wage gap in what is being done to address these? you could say i am doing the exact same thing as the guy next to me or even to get better but why is he making more money than me? i have found this on the copy machine. that is where you find the salary information. how did you fight for yourself in a way that you can, and focus and fight for your position? >> you do not often know if you are being paid differently because generally, that is confidential. the one thing i will caution about, be very careful before you start to accuse or say something to your boss or employer because you might not have the real data. with respect to how do you deal with the gap you hear about, across all industries, you ne
for everybody in america to have security? and the mechanism, the reality of our military engagement in iraq and afghanistan? and whether, in fact -- at what point it is beneficial and what point it is detrimental? how do you answer that question? >> that's a gigantic question. at the time the mission in the iraq, we were losing the mission that the point. and that's what ended up happening. the mission to protect the population. therefore, an operation like this went against the very mission we were -- there's probably more examples of u.s. troops in the streets to protect civilians and not engaging and we are taking casualties. >> i have no doubt for that. i don't think anybody in the conversation i hope is seeking to indict either soldiers or military. i think it's understandable going to the old suicide by cop na narrative and you can see where it happens but the bigger question is, if we are trying to secure our nation and we are spending $12 billion a month on war in the middle east, and we're working our way towards $8 trillion and talking about 100,000 dead iraqis i can keep going. w
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, senator, here in america? >> the threat is real to nonaviation transportation. all you've got to do is look around the world, not only to the terrible tragedy in rash yeah last week, but remember the train bombings in london and madrid and earlier in mumbai. so these are targets. and we know that and we're doing a lot, our government is, working with state and local officials to both in ways that are visible and ways that are not visible to raise our defenses on trains and subways and buses. but, david, to me -- in our committee we've done hearings on this and i continue to believe that this -- that nonaviation is the vulnerable part of our transportation system. we frankly need to give it more than we're giving it now to protect the american people. i worry about this. >> secretary chertoff, i want to get to some domestic terror concerns, but before i do that i want to talk about another element of terrorism. you were head of the criminal division in the justice department. this issue of civilian trilsz for terror suspects is one you're quite familiar with. now, clearly, kol lead s
breathing. (announcer) get your first full prescription free and save on refills. >> smith: america's baby doctors are out tonight with a not-so-surprising report: breast-feeding saves lives and money. if 90% of mothers breast-fed for six months, researchers estimate it could save nearly 900 infants and $13 billion a year. here from our medical team is dr. jennifer ashton. jennifer, we have long heard about the benefits of breast-feeding newborns. why is breast-feeding best? >> reporter: well, for the first time, harry, we're finding out not only why but for how long. we've known for a while it's important to boost the immune system of babies, but this was the first study to show that babies who were exclusively breast-fed for a period of six months had a reduction in their risk or incidents of several diseases. including stomach or intestinal issues, sudden infant death syndrome, childhood leukemia or childhood asthma, type one diabetes and even childhood obesity. big thing. >> smith: a lot of woman start out trying to breast-feed but can't why do they have such a problem? >> reporter: th
the people leading america's largest employers are making. mary thompson joins me. average ceo pay down to 9.53 million in '09. what does it say about u.s. business? >> it flekts some of the problems these companies had, but also says that maybe corporate boards are getting the message that investors want pay linked closely to performance. this is the second year in a row we've seen a decline. something a number of people might think is appropriate given the tough times we've had over the last two years. a little over 9.5 million is the average ceo pay. median pay declined as well. one thing in this survey is that one of the reasons for the decline in pay is the stock and stock option grants. eqilar basically valued them on the day they were issued. since then, we've seen a big rebound in the stock market coming off the march lows of 2009. that means these pay packages might look a lot richer today. >> thank you. let's compare those salaries to your salary. in the united states, the average per capita income is just a little more than $46,000. average taxes, 10% to 35% working 38.8 hours a w
>>> good morning, america. on this monday, april 5th, i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. >> this morning, a powerful earthquake hits southern california and new mexico. >>> and the u.s. consulate in pakistan. bombs exploding just 20 yards from the entrance. >>> plus, the embattled chairman of the republican party breaks his silence. can michael steele talk about the visits to strip clubs. he joins us live. >>> and a rescue, when his daughter fell 20 feet into the waters. this daring dad didn't hesitate a second. >>> it is being called an easter miracle. we hope had you a good holiday weekend. robin's extending her a bit. we welcome elizabeth vargas. >> nice to be here. southern california, a major of earthquake hit there in northern mexico yesterday. 7.2, the most powerful to hit the region in two decades. >>> and later, he is at the center of the controversy rocking the republican party. this morning, rnc chairman michael steele speaks for the first time about the donor scandal involving a strip club and what happens. lots of criticism. >> new critic
. and the second thing is i'd like him to clearly commit that america is going to lead in space exploration by sending astronauts beyond the space station and that may be to the nearby asteroids or back to the moon and eventually to mars some day. we have to have that goal in sight to work efficiently towards it in terms of the investment and research and development the president has proposed. >> you've got the advantage over most of the planet that is watching right now. you've actually been on board the space shuttle when it's doing it right here. here they are eight minutes into the mission. what are you feeling inside? what are they doing right now? >> you're at peak acceleration right now. you're squeezed back into your chair with three times the force of gravity. it's like brian and gretchen sitting on your chest for the last minute or so. you're getting a slight tug out of your chair as if somebody is trying to slide you up the back of your seat because you're riding to orbit with a slight thrust vector towards your head and chest. you're getting squeezed by this giant hand and you
with dangerous life in the wild. how? why? she'll tell us live on "america live" right now. >> so i started like hearing the roar, so i went outside with the customer, you couldn't even walk outside, it was like everything was moving, the rails were bending to the sides, cars were moving. megyn: that was new reaction from california, fresh aftershocks are rocking communities on the west coast. nearly 18 hours after a deadly 7.2 quake hit near the u.s.-mexico border. now we are learning the ground might not stop shaking for days. look at this video out of arizona. store surveillance video showing the intensity of the earthquake felt by at least 20 million people. the quake's epicenter was south of the border, but could be felt as far away as los angeles and phoenix, arizona where folks in high rises say they felt their building swaying. california native trace gallagher knows a thing or two about thighs quakes. he's live in the newsroom. tell us about the aftershocks we're hearing about. >> reporter: i called family and friends in california and they are still shaking, with hundreds of aftershock
as entrepreneurial as you are portrayed to be. i see you as ceo of one of the top companies in america some day and not very long from now. >> well, jay did a pretty good job. and -- i like to tell myself that, i guess. i think jay might have pulled myself off better than myself. >> mike: that would be cool having big brother comes in keep an eye on you and watch after you. >> yes. kind of like one of those things where i never had that. it was just there. it was really more -- he was a friend than a brother for a long time. i started introducing mike as my big brother before he was my big brother, you know. yeah, it was something that -- i guess i didn't really grow up without mike. >> he was like 7 or 8 years old. he worked us coaches pretty hard. >> don't let him tell you that. >> he worked us really hard. >> i think it was, you know, the second or third trip that coaches made before michael ever actually said anything to them because sean jr. handled the pro-parole process. >> it got to be known through the end of the recruiting process is jay going to be home tonight? they knew nothing was
of the top companies in america come day not very long from now. >> well, jay did a pretty good job and i don't know quite like that, but i like to tell myself that i guess, but i think that jay might have pulled me off better than i pulled myself off. >> mike: it has to be cool to have a big brother to keep an eye on you and watch after you. >> yes, kind of like one of those things, i never had that and it was just there and it was really more-- he was a friend more than a brother and i started introducing mike before he was my big brother, you know? and yeah, it was something that, i didn't grow up without mike. >> he was like seven or eight years old and he worked pretty hard. >> don't let him tell you that. he worked him really hard. >> we're on national television, i think it was the second or third trip that coaches made before michael said anything to them because sean, jr., he handled the whole process. >> makes up for-- >> he got to be known toward the end of the recruiting process and some of the coaches said is sj going to be home that night. nothing was going to happen. >> he work
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. if the nation can face up to its mistakes and correct them, it will prove that the faith in america shared by ronald reagan and abroad, is not displaced. why more optimistic now? >> guest: i'm still optimistic for the last year the months since i wrote that have seen some setbacks but mainly i was impressed by the fact that obama during his campaign and also so far in the administration has placed the nuclear issue back in the forefront of our attention. the issue that reagan and gorbachev dealt with and i thought headed us in the right direction toward bringing nuclear weapons under control and eliminating them as a final thing. so his espousal of that early on and the negotiation with russia to give me encouragement. also in other areas it seemed to me that the obama administration was taking a turn that was much more in accord with our interest than with the previous at minister since had. for example, in the middle east where i think it is a very clear that israel will not be able to achieve security unless they stop the settlements and began a real negotiations and clearly that has be
? >> caller: i would like to know your take on a company that's now the second largest company in the americas, jim. i'm talking about petrobras, pbr -- >> overdone, gus! overdone. it's moved too much. it's too big. and yes, i like brazil. how many times have i said even in this terrible debt to buy banko santender. but i think there are cheaper oiltz. i think bp's cheaper. i think we should keep playing with the calls, frankly. like maybe we go to mark in the land of enchantment of new mexico. mark. >> caller: jim, boo-yah to ya. >> hey, let me give you a boomer sooner boo-yah, lobo to ya. >> caller: thanks. >> by the way, i had butler, and i have duke. no, that's not true. i had like georgetown and syracuse. go ahead. >> caller: cool. say, i've been eyeballing first energy, and it's been downgraded recently. want to ask you if this is a good time to pick it up. >> i looked at first energy today. i was going to do a story about how the utilities are in buy mode. i love the acquisition that they made. and then you know, just this incredible wave of negativity. there's still one more problem wi
. >> is there anything else you consulted? >> that is a great question. i think democracy and america, was one of the great books of all time and some of the collor part to as part of the movement. that was probably the other book that was most influential 2/7 thank you for your time. >> guest: it is a great political service and one of the great innovations of broadcast history. >> host: we will now speak with jonathan. how was it going with the new book? what is about? >> philosophical principles of modern conservatism in modern america. >> guest: what does that mean to you? >> and the book i discuss how there are some many different types of abuse neo conservative, of fiscal conservatism all of these differing groups but four things that unite them all except -- respect for a constitution, at limit government and for some responsibility. >> host: how will you? and tell us how you got started? >> i got involved in politics at nine years old because of the judicial filibuster on the newman -- nominees of a guy interested voter these nominees? i wanted to form my own opinions by parents and we
and they are out there putting their lives on the line every day to try to keep america secure. we cannot forget them and we can't think everybody with too broad a brush here. i think we have a very serious problem that we need to address. this is largely resources and there may be a few changes in the law that we can make here and there to make this better but i really want to thank all of you for coming today and being part of this hearing. you have helped us as a subcommittee to understand the scope of the problem and the nature of the problem. i think you have helped us identify some practical approaches to solve this and a snapshot of where we are. i think that is very helpful but i will say this -- i think this is something that is critically important that we address and very quickly, thoroughly, and the right way. i think i can speak for the whole subcommittee and the whole committee and the senate in saying that we need to prioritize this and help you all solve this. we are on very dangerous ground here with corruption within our federal law enforcement agencies. we will continue to wor
and i love america, living in america for about 27 years. but both party systems, democrats and republicans, -- they take the policy everytime. i don't think karzai is a good partner for our interests. ante is another -- like in yemen and somalia. really wondering why our policy makers keep taking the wrong and double standard policy -- the american people we have our own problems. 17%, 40 million people uninsured, go down the list. obama it is taking a very wrong policy as george bush. he is supposed to pack and get out of the country. thank you. host: thank you for your call a story about the the nuclear arms reduction treaty that the president will sign later this week in prague on thursday. this is from "the christian science monitor." nuclear stand down, is the headline. to new york city we go, a team on our republican line. caller: i just wanted to say, yes, president obama needs to step up to the plate. and republicans need to be more -- what is going out here with us in the united states. host: the union president karzai should step up to the blade or president obama
being america -- will not have a spaceship to fly after the shuttle is retired later this year, early next for who knows, many years. christi christina. >> >> thanks so much. >>> well, with the catholic church engulfed the scandal over countless claims of sexual abuse, a prominent cardinal steered away from tradition during easter sunday mass in st. peter's square yesterday to deliver public support for the pope. the surprise peach by cardinal ange angelo cedana was the first time in recent memory that a ritual was changed so someone could address the pope at the start. cedano who is the dean of cardinal of pontiffs said, quote, on your side are the people of god and dismissed the claims of abuse as quote petty gossip. the pope, however, did not address the topic of abuse in any of his easter appearances. >>> quite simply, rescuers in china are calling it a miracle. at least 114 miners have been pulled to safety this morning after spending more than a week in a flood coal mine in northern china. the mine was flooded about eight days ago after a rush of undergroundwater trap 153 miner.
in america, matt james plunged five stories from this hotel balcony to his death. panama city police say witnesses say the 17-year-old appeared to have been drunk. >> apparently the young man was intoxicated, had become belligerent. he was on the balcony of the hotel room with one of his friends. they were trying to calm him down. >> reporter: in february, james had signed a letter of intent to attend and play for notre dame. that may have led to what looks like a celebration that went horribly awry. >> the young man got irritated and leaned over the balcony, as he was leaning over the rail, unfortunately he tumbled over the top and fell from there to his death. >> reporter: the 6'6", 290 pound james was an all-state offensive lineman at st. xavier high. after hearing news of his death friends and schoolmates gathered in a circle on the football field to mourn. and this video tribute was posted on facebook. ♪ >> matt's a very affable kid. funny, hard-working, great work ethic on and off the field. and well-liked by peers and teachers alike. great kid. a huge loss to the st. xavier comm
or not the government for the time should get involved in regulating media. right now all of the tv stations in america and all of the radio stations of america got theirness losses from the public through the agency of the federal government. the government decides what kind of wireless spectrum is talk unised off. the government decides how much of the satellite spectrum should be set aside for educational program. the government decides how much of cable should be set aside for public access. the government decides how many radio stations a single company can own, how many towns can have cross ownership between newspapers. and radio stations and on and on and on. i'm not defending any of these policies in particular. i'm just saying the current reality is that government is involved in the media world in all sorts of ways, so the goal should be to make sure this is done in a wise way. there tends to be a little bit of a newspaper centrist to some of these conversations and give as little bit of a misleading impression because newspapers are the least-regulated part of the media ecosystem. broadcast
to "america's newsroom". martha has time with her family. >> have you ever been in a earthquake? it's horrifying. bill: the ground is moving and you feel not so good. juliet: the earthquake was felt to the border town of cal lexco, in phoenix, arizona, roads are torn up, buildings cracked from floor to ceiling, electricity posts toppled today. bill: there's a lot of reaction today. one witness said he felt like he was inside a canal in the ocean. >> we carry quite a bit of liquor and wine. so it's been cleaning up right now. >> i started like hering a roar, went outside, jumped the counter, went outside. you couldn't even walk outside. it's like everything was moving, the rails were like bending to the side, the cars were moving. >> the ground started shifting. it was like is this a dizzy spell? it happened again, and something told me to start looking around and i'm seeing all these people come out of their homes, seeing people walk down the street. >> i was like i love you, i love you, i'll done. i'm done. that was the scariest thing i ever experienced. it was horror. it wasn't li
get our economy back on track. the american renewal is happening right now. ♪ >>> from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. pope benedict xvi leading easter sunday services for more than 100,000 in st. peter's square. once again not mentioning a sex abuse scandal involving roman catholic priests. before the service the head of the cardinals described the pope as the unfailing rock of the catholic church. he said holy father on your side are the people of god. >>> one of the only four remaining shuttle mixes set to blast off early monday morning. it will carry spare parts and experiments to the international space station. during the mission, four women will be in space at the same time. that is a first. a russian craft with tracy dyson onboard docked with the station on sunday. now, back to "geraldo at large." for all your headlines gorgeous to fox >> geraldo: welcome back live to forward operating base marjah. in a couple of minutes i will show you how the new vehicles have been protecting marines lives. before the break i told you i was going to tell you what
it. >>> from america's news headquarters we've been following a developing story. a killer earthquake hitting northern mexico, centered just over 100 miles southeast of tee juan yachl buildings swayed as far as l.a. and phoenix. three strong after shocks hit a short time later. there have been two deaths in mexico and fires destroyed a half dozen homes there. the quake caught on home video in los angeles is the biggest in the region in 18 years. there are no reports of injuries stateside z another developing story in russia. the scene of yet another deadly twin suicide bombings reveals two police officers were killed in the first blast. no word from the second explosion. both attacks happened in the north region. now, back to "geraldo at large". now, back to "geraldo at large." for all your headlines gorgeous to fox >> geraldo: welcome back live to forward operating base marjah. in a couple of minutes i will show you how the new vehicles have been protecting marines lives. before the break i told you i was going to tell you what the troopers did with, what these marines did
a bank of america security officer is indicted in the crime. he's charged with first degree murder and he was on duty last month on light street when the investigators say that the man tried to break up a fight and he was shot in the chest. >>> stay with us. up next, twins, well, sort of. hear the amazing story about a pair of twins born a full week apart. and if you don't pay your taxes, you could get a surprise. you mayo the government money. again, more of the light clouds are burning off as we peek and it should be another nice day. [wind rustling] [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding) >>> cot scotland is in the house today. people from all over the country, as well, bru tut the f over here in blue are celebrating scotland week and they're guaranteed to get a little attention from me because they brought cookies. thank you. so what is this all about? >> it's scotlan
there is a classic. attack where you're weak. no single person in america, no single person in america with a microphone has done more when it comes to character assassination of the president than the drugster. rush is no victim. he spends three hours a day, five days a week electioneering against the president and democrats. here he is today. >> it is a regime. they're governing against the people. election be damned. public opinion be damned. the budget be damned. what the hell else is it if not a regime? >> this guy thinks the president did an interview to get him off his game. this is the man who wants president obama to fail. there has never been an attempt by the hate merchants on the right to engage democrats on ideas. screaming about socialism and government takeovers is getting the republicans absolutely nowhere fast. elected members of the gop really have gone to this guy on bended knee over and over again to kiss and make up if they did something wrong. rush wants to play the victim. he's the ring leader. there will be no real debate until there is a regime change in the co
america's bullying epidemic. >> she was getting bullied. >> i think it's very sad; very sad. >> >> shepard: it happens in schools all across the nation. >> i did bullying him. >> kids picking on classmates, teasing them, pushing them to their breaking points. >> they would knock books out of his hands in school. >> now i wish i could take it back. >> they attacked his self-esteem. they attacked his physical appearance. >> tonight, the frightening truth about children bullied to death and jonathan hunt hosts a special live chat from florida. plus, it hit with devastating force. >> you couldn't even walk outside. everything was moving. >> shepard: everywhere you look, evidence of its power. tonight, inside the aftermath of the easter sunday earthquake. first, continuing coverage of news breaking now. at least six people are confirmed dead after an explosion at a coal mine in west virginia. and right now there is an urgent search underway for nearly two dozen other miners said to be trapped underground. we're told rescue crews are on the scene now at massey energy coal mine in raleigh county.
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